Incredible Non-Riding Careers for Horse Lovers

Incredible Non-Riding Careers for Horse Lovers

When choosing a career, you take into account a lot of questions, but somehow always leave aside hobbies and things that actually make you happy the most.

When Passion Can Become a Career?

Take the example of being a horse lover. You grew up in an equine environment, and you are familiar with these noble animals more than with humans. In a stable or in the saddle, this is where you feel most like yourself. However, you play it safe, so the jockey or rider career has never been an option. You’re more like a “horse whisperer,” but since many think it’s funny, it can’t be a real profession. Or can it be?

Five Fantastic Interests For Horse Lovers

True horse lovers know that raising horses involves a lot of work and love. Therefore, a lot of people are involved in that job. Here are some examples of how to turn your passion and knowledge of horsemanship into a dream job.

1. Breeding

For all horse lovers, the breeding business is a dream come true. Many choose to adapt their properties to that business. Some will opt for a particular breed, while others will breed horses for sport. Indeed, every stable owner, owning either a modest or a huge ranch, will share the passion for equine and the desire to pass on the same tradition and quality to generations yet to come.

Also, being a manager of one of the large breeding estates can indeed be a fulfilling career.

2. Equine medicine practice

If you have studied veterinary medicine and love horses, you can get an equine vet, nurse, or dentist license. Horse healthcare includes care and prevention, treatments, and injury recoveries. Years of schooling and practice for this kind of work are an effort worth it.

3. Farriers

Farriers are equine hoof specialists who take care of horses’ hoofs and provide necessary protection for them by putting horseshoes. This job requires the talent to cope with different animal temperaments, and the ability to approach them closely in order to help them. It takes a lot of hard work and standing hours, but one thing is certain — you are doing a lot for your favorite stallion.

4. Grooms

Horse grooms take care of horses’ daily needs like feeding, exercising and grooming, as well as cleaning stables. They also need to think about the aesthetics of their generous friends and their manes, which creates a special bond with horses.

5. Equine Therapist

It has been proven that horses can help with physical and psychological therapies. As a great equine connoisseur, you can opt for similar workshops and engagements, especially when dealing with children. Socializing with horses heals traumas and has a positive effect on people with mental disabilities.

There are so many career options for horse lovers. All you have to do is imagine going to work every morning full of love and enthusiasm. Mix your skills, creativity, and passions, and you will be the best at what you do. Whether you are an economist or an art photographer, being in love with equine will put you right where you need to be.

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