Virtual Reality Is Coming To Horse Racing

Virtual Reality Is Coming To Horse Racing

There is no such experience as attending the horse race live. With all that dust, sounds, crowded grandstands, and betting tickets in your hand or a Betfair Grand National on your phone — no TV broadcast or live stream can conjure up such an event. But imagine experiencing it from a jockey’s perspective. What an adrenalin rush it could be!

New Perspective of Horse Racing

The latest technology can provide us such excitement. Take, for example, William Hill’s brilliant idea called “Get in the Race.” The UK betting company, together with the Unite9 company, has created an innovative solution that brings Virtual Reality (a computer-generated reality that users can interact with) into the horse racing. With a GPS device installed on horseback, VR technology can provide quite a realistic feeling right from the racecourse.

Horse Racing VR Adventures

What does one VR tour look like? A GPS tracker is placed on horseback, giving a view from a jockey’s perspective. The user applies a Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift headset to get a 3D look on the racecourse.

When the race starts in real-time, the virtual jockey sees the track in front of them and notices the same speed of movement that the horse actually has. 

The 3D view lets you look around and see where other competitors stand compared to you. A glance at the particular one will provide information about that horse, jockey, and statistics that will show up on the screen. With a look down, your horse’s data will show up, like heart rate, length, or current position.

VR Technology VS. Equestrian Tradition

For centuries, spectators have been watching horse races with binoculars. For new generations, something like this is almost unimaginable. Clearly, technology will change the rules of the game. It can lead to the racecourse Millennials who, honestly, haven’t been that interested in equine sports so far. Moreover, new demographics could bring many more betting enthusiasts. 

HiTech achievements such as VR or AI, as well as blockchain technology, provide not only refreshment and attraction for the audience but also potentially higher profits for everyone in the industry.

Can Technology Ruin the Spirit of Horse Racing?

Many planetary events, such as the Kentucky Derby or the Breeder’s Cup, have already tested Virtual Reality tours. If you are on the other part of the globe and you would never make it to Churchill Down, the opportunity to feel the pulse and excitement of a race like this one is an exceptional privilege. 

However, those who cherish traditional customs insist on the fact that horse racing is a public, social gathering and must remain so.

Our advice would be to keep appreciating every second of your reality and try to see the virtual one as your superpower to perceive the world more clearly and beautifully.