Top 3 Benefits of Horseback Riding – Horseback Riding as Your Next Hobby

Top 3 Benefits of Horseback Riding – Horseback Riding as Your Next Hobby

Horses and people have always shared a special bond of trust and mutual dependence over the course of history, and this bond has found a way to grow and evolve. Nowadays, the love of equestrianism has led many people to take on horseback riding as a hobby that has numerous benefits for a person. In the following article, we are going to explore these benefits and highlight the most important ones that might help tip the scales in horses’ favor when it comes to choosing your next hobby.

Physical Conditioning

Anyone who has ever ridden a horse knows that it is so much more than just sitting in a saddle while the horse pulls all the weight. Riding a horse requires balance, coordination, highly-developed motor function if the rider is to keep a proper posture. Maintaining a good posture requires a lot of core strength as you will be riding an animal that might be moving in unpredictable ways and over rough terrain. 

Also, balance is essential as it keeps you in your saddle. For maintaining the right balance on a horse, the muscles of the pelvic area and inner thighs need to be continuously contracted and active, which leads to better overall muscle tone and flexibility.

Furthermore, a rider needs to have a perfect sense of coordination of movements, especially when controlling the horse’s gait. If you want to shift the gait from trot to gallop, you need coordination to pull it off; otherwise, you might fall from the horse. 

Mental Benefits 

Many surveys and research from the British Horse Society and other governing bodies of equestrianism claim that more than 80% of riders say how relaxed, peaceful, and blissful they feel when riding. Being on a horse can bring a sense of control, and mastering new motions with your horse brings a feeling of accomplishment we all need. Also, with horseback riding as a hobby, you will be spending a lot of time outdoors in natural surrounds, which can help you stave off the stress most people experience daily. 

Furthermore, with horseback riding, you need to learn how to make decisions quickly and develop strong problem-solving skills, especially when you need to suddenly go around an obstacle in your path and change the direction of a 1,000-pound horse in full gallop.

Social Benefits 

Another quite important series of benefits can be categorized as social benefits. First of all, many of the riders spend time together and share the experiences which significantly boost interpersonal skills.

Horseback riding also includes more than just riding the horse. Riders need to take care of the horse, learn how to build a relationship, and companionship with an animal. Moreover, spending time with horses and taking care of them has shown therapeutic value with children who are reluctant to speak with people. Once they were spending time with horses and learning about them, that communication barrier was demolished, and they slowly opened up and overcame the obstacle.