The World’s Greatest Horse Racing Competitions

The World’s Greatest Horse Racing Competitions

The most prestigious horse racing events bring the Triple Crown trophies and prize money of unimaginable sums as well as a hoard of fans who bet on them like the Royal Ascot 2020 competition. Some have enjoyed the same reputation for centuries and become a reflection of a particular class and privilege. In the modern world, we may say that a race is as important as the size of its audience and the ability to occupy the world’s media.

Whatever criteria we take, there are particular horse racing competitions in the world that everybody has heard about.

Kentucky Derby, Louisville US

Since 1875, on every first Saturday in May, the Churchill Down Racetrack is a center of the world. Although the Kentucky Derby is a 1.25-mile race that takes only 2 minutes, every fan will tell you that these are the greatest two minutes ever.

And if the Kentucky Derby isn’t even close to events with the billion prize pool, it is the most significant equine happening in the world.

Dubai World Cup, UAE

The race was first held in 1996 and, since then, it has been held on every last Saturday in March. As expected for Dubai, it is the race with the biggest prize pool — an incredible $10 million.

Since 2010, it takes place at the newly constructed Maydan Racecourse — the most exclusive racecourse on the planet.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Paris

The greatest European horse race takes place at the bank of the beautiful Seine River and course named Longchamp since the 1920s.

Besides the fact that Arc has one of the most significant prize funds in the world, it is a social event accompanied by art, fashion, music, and full enjoyment of the most romantic city in the world.

The Royal Ascot, UK

Actually, it is a combination of 16 different races that take place in one week. The Queen and members of the royal family traditionally attend the event, which makes it even more exclusive and popular. Since its founding in 1711, Ascot has been famous for its lavish royal parades, parties, and a dress code that is a must for all visitors.

Breeders’ Cup 

The championship is the international competition of thoroughbreds from all parts of the world that lasts for two days. Until today, the Cup has been holding the record of “richest two days in the sport” for an unbelievable sum of $ 21 million in prize money in 2008.

The Everest, Australia

The youngest horse race already took all the glory of the Melbourne Cup in just two years of racing. Everest is the wealthiest horse race on a grass field in the world, with the fund that is growing every year.

Saudi Cup, Saudi Arabia

Finally, we must mention the race that will undoubtedly push the limits. Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar bin Khalid Al Faisal has announced a $ 20 million prize pool for the next year’s Cup.

This figure exceeds all previous ones, and will surely attract many great racers and the mass of spectators. The winner gets as much as half of the total fund, while the next ten places must share another $10 million.