The Most Famous Horse Racing Tracks in the World

The Most Famous Horse Racing Tracks in the World

If you consider yourself a real fan of horse racing, don’t miss the experience you can get at the race track. You must feel the euphoria, hear all the sounds, enjoy the movements and ambiance. Horse racecourses can be huge and luxurious, or just authentic and old. Moreover, some of them are a significant part of sports history.

We prepared a list of eight fantastic racing courses that absolutely justify the title of being the most famous in the world.

Ascot, United Kingdom

It is one of the greatest and most prestigious courses. Ever since its foundation in 1711, the Royal Ascot Weekend and the Gold Cup have been some of the most significant annual events in the high society of England. If you want to meet the Royals and feel the sophisticated sense of equine lifestyle, this is the right place for you.

Churchill Downs, US

Every first Saturday in May, the Kentucky Racecourse becomes one of the most famous places on the planet. The reason is the Derby that very often parries the Superbowl in popularity. 

This is probably the most famous race track in history, not only because of its huge attendance but also because of the leisure and traditional dress code. If you are heading to Churchill Downs, get yourself an outfit. Ladies, hats are a must.

Santa Anita, US

The racecourse was built in the forties, with a large Art Deco grandstand. Its size may not be for mass gatherings, but it is located in the most beautiful scenery beneath the San Gabriel’s Mountains. If you attend a Derby or any other event from its calendar, you can also enjoy the splendidly landscaped park, trees, and relaxation area.

Tokyo Racecourse, Japan

Across the world, there is a real miracle among race tracks — Tokyo Racecourse that can accommodate a staggering 223,000 visitors. Also, the court has the largest video display in the world where you can follow your favorite races from all five racing tracks.

Saragota, US

When the bell rings in Saragota Springs, it means that there are precisely 17 minutes left before the race starts. The racecourse is located in a historic area, and it preserves a stirring and exciting history as much as Saragota itself.

Longchamp, France

If we talk about famous places, it is impossible not to mention Paris with its charming Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. Every October, in an area built in the 19th century nearby Siena River, 50 thousand horse lovers watch the richest horse race in the world.

Meydan Racecourse, Dubai

Emirates broke the record again by constructing this racecourse with a mile-long grandstand, making it the longest building in the world. The capacity is 60 thousand places, with the exclusive hotel, museum, restaurants, and a vibrant entertainment program inside the complex.

Epsom, UK

It is the place where the Derby originated way back in 1661. The term first referred only to the race at Epsom, one of the five wealthiest races in England. Even today, Derby and Oaks make the same fuss and attract incredible attention.