Most Popular Horse Breeds

Most Popular Horse Breeds

Horses are amazing animals. There are many horse lovers out there, who breed them, take care of them, use them for training or therapy, or sports. Horses can be great companions and even better friends. They can also be feisty and get us into a lot of trouble.

Horse breeds are interesting, because some breeds tend to display overall character traits that can be characterized as fiery, while others are more calm and better suited for children and beginners. 

Here are the world’s most popular horse breeds, in no particular order.

The Arabian

There are many movies detailing Arabian horse breeds and their journey with man, more often than not. The Arabian is a very old breed, dating back some 3000 years BCE. It is also a breed which is known for its spirit and vigor. It is a reputable breed, which also has many sub-breeds, or rather, breeds which have a bit of the Arabian in them. While they are not the most suited horse breed for beginners, they do reward their friends and riders with fierce loyalty and love. They are a great breed, overall.


This horse breed is mainly used for horse racing in the United States. But, it is also used for dressage and jumping competitions. This type of breed is known for its fire and competitive nature, a rather spirited horse breed. It is also used for training and other activities such as riding out of pleasure. They can be amazing companions, despite their horse racing reputation. It is a great horse breed that can serve multiple purposes.

The Morgan

The Morgan is a rather interesting breed of horses. They were used to work the lands and farms of New England during the colonization years. They are also used for winter riding and are a breed that knows how to handle themselves in winter and summer. It is a great riding horse, as well as a driving horse, mostly because of their endurance and temperament, which is beginner-friendly, overall. 

Grade Horses

This is a rather fancy name to call a horse which has no particular breed, or rather, a mixed breed horse. These types of horses can come in any shape, size and temperament, depending on their genetic heritage. They have the benefits of mostly not having any diseases that plague the pure breed horses, due to all the mixing. They also often do not have any of the sought-after traits of a single breed, but that is a minor issue when you get a healthy horse companion.

Depending on the part of the world, there will likely be more popular horse breeds, but these ones are the most popular overall. There are many horse breeds, all unique in their own way, but these seem to be the most popular.