Best Racehorses of All Time

Best Racehorses of All Time

Horse races’ betting has been one of the favorite pastimes around the world for centuries. Rich people often place their bets on the most famous horses purely because of their winning reputation, and because they are jam-packed with cash that they don’t know where to spend. However, experienced punters know better than to always bet on horses that win most of the time. The beauty of horse racing is its unpredictability at the least expected times, bringing raw emotion and maximum excitement to fans who like to keep an eye on Royal Ascot betting offers 2020.

Some people wouldn’t risk their money on an animal. In fact, the majority find racing cars betting easier because you know what to expect from a vehicle. You know its characteristics — you see how much power it has according to the way it was manufactured, and you can make predictions based on this knowledge. Horse racing is different because a horse has its own mind making, which makes the outcome of the races unpredictable and uncertain. 

Creating a list of the best horses to have ever raced is almost impossible, given the sports’ long history. Also, it’s hard to compare horses from different parts of the world and different eras. However, while trying to keep the context in mind, here’s a list of the racehorses whose names instantly conjure up images of famous race victories and dominating performances. 


Citation was the first horse to reach $1 million in earnings. This stud was born in Kentucky but had a mostly European pedigree, which explains why it looked like it was from another planet compared to its competitors. The list of its accomplishments is mind-blowing and includes being 1948 Horse of the Year, American Champion Two-Year-Old Male Horse and, of course, the 8-time Triple Crown winner. Needless to say, it was inducted in the US Racing Hall of Fame. 

At one point in time, Citation had won 16 consecutive races — a record that was intact for 46 years before being matched by another horse. 


Frankel is a horse raised by Khalid Abdullah, a tycoon who owns the Juddmonte Farms. This horse is valued at a jaw-dropping price of nearly $150 million — the equivalent of two private jets. And like all this isn’t enough, the Queen of England herself unveiled a bronze statue in Frankel’s honor. This racehorse hails the word “thoroughbred” in his victories and the history of his bloodline. This accolades it racked up are astonishing. During its fourteen-race career, Frankel was unbeaten and had been the highest-rated racehorse in the world from 2011. 

Seattle Slew 

Back in the 70s, Slew was known for its supremacy on the racing track all across the US. It is the only horse to win the prestigious Triple Crown with a perfect record, but its career was much more than those three races. This legendary horse grew until the age of 28, which is unprecedented given the number of years a horse can actually live. It served as an inspiration for future trainers and revolutionized the entire horse racing business. All things considered, Seattle Slew definitely deserves to be mentioned among the greatest racehorses to have ever kicked the grounds of the race tracks. 


This racehorse is the legend among legends and widely considered the best racehorse of all time, setting records that have remain unbroken until today.

Secretariat was the first horse to win Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby in under two minutes. Its win by 31 lengths at Belmont Stakes is a record that still remains unbeaten. Unfortunately, the champion’s glory was short-lasting as it was euthanized at the age of 19 after contracting laminitis. In all its wins, this horse generated over $1,300,000 in total.