Steps to Becoming a Licensed Plumbing Contractor

licensed plumberIn the modern world, plumbing contractors are a necessity. Construction sites for example always require a Licensed Plumbing Contractor. But being licensed to practice is not a stroll in the park. Plumbing might be a technical job but it especially demanding. It takes a determined person to go all the distance and get accredited. And still, you must earn the respect of your peers and clients, in order to get an incessant flow of work. There’s a scroll of factors that determine the success of a plumbing contractor. But first, these are the steps to follow in order to become a Licensed Plumbing Contractor.

High School Diploma: For anyone aspiring to become a plumber, you must finish high school. This requirement is pretty attainable to most people. Yet, in order to succeed in plumbing, you must be passionate.

Apprenticeship: In the apprentice programs, potential plumbing contractors work under stable plumbing contractors. The apprenticeships are often sponsored by unions and the state. But they’re critical to a plumbing contractor’s success. The plumbers get to learn most useful skills in their trade. The programs last for about five years. The training sharpens their proficiency in handling water pipes and waste disposal mechanisms. Potential plumbing contractors must also finish a set amount of study in a technical, where they learn basic plumbing rules, safety codes, and other regulations.

Journeyman License: Successful completion of apprenticeship warrants you to apply for a journeyman license. A plumber can now free to work. The process of application is pretty simple as you are to send your documents and application fee to the licensing body. An exam is then taken and upon passing, the journeyman license is issued. And then you’re free to look for work.

Master License: In order to obtain the master license, you must first build your experience as a journeyman plumber, and then after years of practicing, you can apply for the master license. It involves sitting an exam and successful candidates are licensed.

Contractor License: Now this is the most important step for a Plumbing Contractor. When you get the contractor’s license, you’re free to start your own plumbing business, and also take in apprentices who may be starting out. A Licensed Plumbing Contractor is at the top of their career qualifications and so they may branch in their preferred direction. The application process for the contractor license is pretty comprehensive and requires a record of your career history. And then you take a special exam that encompasses outside disciplines like business and law. If you pass, then you’re handed the contractor license.

License Renewal: The renewal of contractor license is annual. But there’s still a basic fee that must be paid for the renewal. Plumbing Contractors are under their board.