How has the iOS game maker transformed with time

An ios game maker is basically a video game that can be played mobile devices such as smartphone, smart watch, calculator, portable media player, PDA or tablet.  Mobile game development began in mid 1990s but the game was not known by many.

Actually many players knew about mobile games when use of mobile phones became widespread.  The games at that time were found on mobile gadgets. Nowadays, mobile games are usually downloaded at an App store or through mobile operator hence it does not necessarily have to be embedded in a handheld device.

Distribution of ios game development games by mobile operators was minimal until Apple launched an App Store which significantly changes consume behaviors as it made it possible to find numerous   game apps.  App Store braoadened mobile game market for developers as each smartphone owner could download mobile content.

Mobile games have now become highly lucrative mobile applications. These apps have increased popularity of iPhone platform. The same thing is happening for Android devices.

Mobile game development has become a good way of engaging buyers of other products. Some manufacturers choose to launch their products that all-mobile campaigns. Because of the innovative designs and applications, iPad has become the most advanced smart device for mobile games.

What are the different types of mobile games?

There is a heavy demand for 3D and Multi-player mobile games in the current market. The following are various types of mobile games found on the smart device market:

Location-Based Games:  For this type, games use GPS services by networks providers for tracking the location of a user’s device. Treasure hunts, adventure games and street games are part of location based games. There are many such games for mobile devices.

 Connected or online games:  A number of users may participate together in this kind of gaming using a common network. Strategy games are a good example of online or connected games.

Cross-platform games:  These are the king of games that you can play on multiple platforms.  It can for instance be played both on a mobile phone and on a console. However, there are some differences between the games played on two platforms.

Serious games: These days, m-Learning has gathered momentum is various countries. The main objective of serious games it to facilitate learning and education.  Some nutrition and health based games are good examples of games under this category.

Community games:  Community games are designed for integration to various social communities. For example people can use Facebook on their mobile phones to participate in cricket.

For a game to fit in any type of game, mobile game development should be followed by vigorous testing of game capabilities before launching it. Companies that develop mobile games usually recruit specific programmers to play their games severally to figure out best course of development.